About Carlos Gallardo-Candia

Carlos is a music producer and audio engineer professional with five years experience in the media industry, nine years experience as a music professor and fourteen years experience as a musician. He has worked in recording studios as an audio engineer, in television as a media resources producer and in various academic fields as a music theory professor, pianist, and singer. He has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Music & Sound Engineering with a specialty in Recording Arts Technology and Production from UNIACC University in Santiago, Chile.

His Studies

Carlos started his music studies at the age of 8 years, and then attended the University of Chile’s National Conservatory, at age 10, to study classical piano. At 17, he entered UNIACC University to further his studies of popular piano, music production, and sound technologies. During those years, Carlos worked as a teacher of musical theory, piano, and voice in various music schools in the country, including UNIACC and Shekinah Christian Music School. In addition, he worked for numerous artists from the national scene with Franco Maestri at FM Studio.

His Work

Carlos is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, working as Music Producer and Audio Engineer in the christian scene and also as a Music Director in the theatrical realm. Carlos Gallardo-Candia has worked as a Musical Arranger and Sound Technician at the School of Superior Arts of Maipú, and Chilevisión, under the direction of Carlos Figueroa, musical director of the annual Festival of Viña del Mar. Also, has worked as Music Producer and Sound Technician with the renowned Chilean sound engineer, Tito Astete, and as the Choir Director of the Polyphonic Choir of the Iglesia Metodista Pentecostal of Chile.

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